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How can Nextone Consulting and Microsoft help you to implement AI?

For many, the inherent complexity and difficulty of building an AI app that aids visual perception, or does speech recognition, or decision-making, machine learning, or translation is daunting. It’s enough to end your AI journey right then and there. But Microsoft has made these complex tasks available as a service. Simply plug a service into your business logic, and let Microsoft do the heavy lifting. Let’s have a look at how Microsoft does it:

AI Infrastructure


You can’t analyze big datasets without access to large amounts of computational power.


But Microsoft’s Azure platform makes it easy to do just that.

The infrastructure includes AI Compute to manage computational requirements and AI Data for data storage and accessibility.


And it’s available on a trial basis so you can test your business solution – without having to incur any significant investment cost.

Ai services

Platform services are grouped in three areas:

  1. Cognitive Services
  2. Machine Learning Services
  3. Azure Bot Service

Here’s a video by our team showing how AI service can be used in Dynamics 365

Computer says yes

You can enable visual perception, speech recognition, and translation by using Cognitive Services. Build advanced decision-making capabilities, including self learning for applications and auto-correction based on data received into your apps.

Microsoft uses machine learning for Sentiment Analysis in social media.

Build a bot

Take Natural Language processing and use the Azure Bot Service to create bots that can integrate with Cortana, Office 365, Skype, Slack and Facebook Messenger. New apps are added on a regular basis.

Put a bot to work

Identify repetitive tasks, plug them into an AI and create a virtual agent to take over those tasks. You can create chat bots or virtual agents to provide first line support to your Customer Service and Sales organizations. A bot won’t do everything a typical employee can do, but AI can easily take over some tasks.

Marketing Insights

Automate campaigns by using machine learning. Use Customer Insights to automatically segment customers based on their interactions with your business across all departments.

You can also use Customer Insights to score leads for targeted messaging.

Sales Forecasting

Predictive Forecasting is an area that’s getting a great deal of attention – and will continue to do so. Microsoft has a released a predictive forecasting case study and this subject is worth investigating for your business.


IoT on the products you sell, you can provide effective monitoring for your clients,and are best-placed to offer preventive maintenance.


Chatbot. Use the Bot Framework to integrate live chat on your website or customer portal. CafeXfor instance is a great tool for integrating live chat on a site/portal.

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