Implement Dynamics 365 Azure Cloud Management

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that will help your organization overcome business challenges. It provides the freedom to build applications using your favorite tools and frameworks, and then to manage and deploy over a massive, global network.

Bringyour own code

Build applications using your language of choice. Node.js, Java, .NET… use what you already know and love.

Increase productivity and write great code by working with best-in-class PC/Mac development tools such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Quickly turn ideas into solutions, you’ll be up and running fast.

Flexibility andconsistency

Don’t just connect your datacenter to the cloud ensure your on-premises and cloud environments work consistently across the entire organization. You can increase developer productivity by using a common approach to building applications. Plus, Azure Stack gives you the flexibility to deploy those apps in the cloud or on-premises.

And finally, use Azure Active Directory for single sign-on to both cloud and on-premises applications to enhance end-user productivity.

Faster andbetter

Take advantage of a comprehensive set of services, tools and infrastructure to build AI-powered experiences. Create advanced analytics bots that are faster and provide better, more natural interaction with users.

Privacy andsecurity

Microsoft meets all security and privacy requirements and standards and Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards.

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