Toronto Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is Microsoft’s business application for enterprises. It enables people to quickly make smarter decisions through an intelligent user interface that provides access to real time insights and data. It enables business to transform and innovate by delivering proben business logic that allows them to redesign their business processes faster. It gives business the flexibility to grow at their own pace and do business nearly anywhere, anytime, allowing them to scale their operations globally to meet business needs

If interested, enter your contact information to schedule 1 day no obligation discovery session at your office.

Within 7 days nextone Consulting will:

  • Create all Microsoft accounts needed to use Dynamics 365;
  • Deploy Production, Test and Development instances of Dynamics 365;
  • Import master date from your legacy system;
  • Configure generic and industry-specific setups;
  • Provide educational materials needed for internal training;
  • Be present during first post-go-live day to support the transition.