29 May, 2018

Use Flow and LUIS AI to Create Sales Order in D365FO Based on Customer Email

In this video we will cover setup of LUIS AI, configuration of Microsoft Flow and demonstrate how these two create a sales order in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, all triggered by customer email.

First, we will show how to create an app in LUIS, which stands for Language Understanding Intelligent Services. LUIS is one of Microsoft’s cognitive services that can be used, for example, to support chat bots. Once the app in built we will show how to publish it.

Second, we will create new flow in MS Flow, which is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) service from Microsoft. We will use the LUIS app we created in the previous step to read incoming email with a specific keyword in subject line and let it to identify item numbers customer is trying to order. We will also let Flow to identify customer account in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations based on sender’s email address.

And lastly, flow will create sales order header and sales order lines in D365 based on identified information and generate confirmation email to the customer.

In conclusion, we will talk about current limitations and practical application for LUIS AI.

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